Camera Corps Mini Joystick

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The Camera Corps Mini Joystick was created as an alternative to the larger model for locations where space is at a premium.

Pan, tilt and zoom are handled with an industry quality hall-effect joystick, leaving the operator’s other hand free to control focus from the encoder to the left.

The pan, tilt and zoom sensitivity is controlled via three dedicated knobs immediately below the joystick.

Selection of which of the five cameras the panel is controlling is via separate buttons, allowing immediate on-the-fly switching between cameras in a busy production environment.

The Camera Corps Mini Joystick control has been developed to supplement the larger model where desk space is restricted. The same control response and accuracy is available with fully adjustable control speeds and reverses.

The high performance specification and intuitive operation make the Mini Joystick ideal for ‘Com-Cam’ control by inexperienced users.