Custom Solutions

Having built its reputation around a culture of innovation and technology, Camera Corps has a rich heritage in designing and building bespoke camera solutions for productions of all kinds.

Basecam was BAFTA nominated

Working with production teams to scope and design systems appropriate to the project, backed by full in-house development and testing, Camera Corps can also provide on-site rigging and support throughout a production.

We are able to design and create custom camera solutions to give customers the ability to offer unique, never previously possible shots. Whether it be Stump Cameras, Net Cameras, Baseball Base Cameras in the field of play for Sports or Hidden Cameras, Covert Cameras for Documentaries and Wildlife programmes our engineering team will work tirelessly to find a solution.

Camera Corps combines unparalleled experience and advice with the inventory its customers need to offer the best of industry-leading specialist camera equipment to suit any requirement, including custom camera integrations, an extensive inventory of remote heads, tracking systems, fibre transmission systems and specialist camera systems.

Recent custom solutions examples include:

Cricket Stump Cameras
Baseball Base Cameras
Net Cameras for Tennis and Volleyball
Easyjet Cockpit Cameras
House of Parliament Cameras
Cone Cam
Pop-Up Ice Cameras
Boat Race Cameras
Helmet Cameras
Meetkat Cameras
Specialist Medical Camera Rigs

Recent innovations:

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