205 Remote Head

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The 205 is one of our more compact heads, and will fit in places where larger heads wouldn’t.

It’s ideally suited for use with one of our Sony HDC-P50 or Panasonic UB-300 UHD cameras.

The 205 Remote Head offers the same exacting precision and smoothness of motion as our larger 306 Head does, in a much smaller package. With the reduction in camera sizes, it is not always necessary or desirable to use our larger heads, so we now offer the 205 Head to fill this need in our line up.

Note that this head can be mounted right side up or inverted and furthermore you can mount the camera platform on the OUTSIDE of the head rather than inside as is customary, if desired for special applications. With its extensive line of mounting options.

The compact size of the 205 Remote Head, combined with its power, flexibility and sophistication, makes it the perfect remote head for all-sporting events, commentary camera positions, music concerts, and videoconferences. The 205 Head is indeed the ideal solution anywhere a small head is required that will not obstruct the view of the spectators or conference delegates.

The Camera Corps 205 Head is available with a choice of HD and UHD cameras and lenses.

Full control of the camera is possible via our RCP panel allowing complete control of up to 6 cameras. Where a remote head is also required, the RCP Panel is used in conjunction with Camera Corps’ smooth and accurate Joystick Control

Up to 8 remote heads of different types can be operated from one Joystick Control. Camera functions and PTZF data are sent via a standard 3-pin XLR cable.

Up to 96 cameras and remote heads (of various types) can be controlled via one Joystick with the addition of our Multi Camera Control System.



Type: Remote
Maximum Load: 10 kg
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 13.4 cm
Height: 29.4 cm
Weight 7.5 kg
Minimum Speed: 360° / 48 min
Maximum Speed 360 ° / 3 sec