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As a world-leader in remote cameras and robotics, Camera Corps have gone from strength to strength working on the worlds biggest productions.

Camera Corps operates at the cutting edge of broadcast technology across the most prestigious and high profile world events and productions. From reality series to entertainment shows and International sporting events, the Camera Corps team are there to capture the coverage of the events, providing the “wow” factor shots that global audiences love and admire.

Core to our business is impeccable customer service – whether you need to hire a single camera for one day, or assemble the host broadcast for the biggest audiences across the world, the Camera Corps team can support you every step of the way.

“Ever since the Barcelona Games in 1992, the Camera Corps team has been a regular service provider in the field of “Specialty Cameras”. Camera Corps has been consistently developing new and innovative ways of providing those “WOW” shots to make the Games so memorable. In addition, they provide highly trained technicians and full logistical support, fully integrated within the wider OBS “Team”. The OBS and Camera Corps have formed a special broadcast partnership based on trust and excellence.”

Yiannis Exarchos

Chief Executive Officer, Olympic Broadcasting Services

Throughout the years, Camera Corps have also won awards for our craft. We’re honoured to have won two awards at the Royal Television Society: one for an outstanding year in events coverage; and followed up a few years later by the sports innovation award for our development on the plungecam. We’ve also been honoured by Sports Video Guide for ‘Technical Excellence’ for our work on the Isle of Man tourist trophy race.

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Innovative Camera Solutions for Redefining Visual Narratives

Welcome to the dynamic world of Camera Corps, where innovation meets imagination to transform how we perceive and experience visual storytelling. As pioneers in customized camera setups and specialized solutions, we at Camera Corps are not just creating technology to capture moments; we're redefining how to create those perspectives.

Our journey is rooted in the relentless pursuit of pushing technological boundaries. With a rich portfolio spanning sports, entertainment, nature programs, corporate, government, and current affairs, Camera Corps stands at the forefront of revolutionizing broadcast productions.

Our services include camera rental and special broadcast equipment rental, providing high-end cameras and equipment for any production need. We specialize in remote camera operation, enabling seamless control for capturing events from a distance. Our specialist cameras in sports allow us to immerse viewers into the heart of the action like never before. We've collaborated with industry leaders, major broadcasters, and production companies to enable them to create specialized live streams from major athletic events to professional top league tournaments, from football to swimming to baseball, supporting and enhancing major sporting games on the global stage.

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