Antelope Compact

The Antelope compact camera is a high speed lightweight fully remote controllable broadcast camera, housed in a compact aluminium body.

The Antelope Compact is a high frame-rate all-in-one camera / recorder system with a lot of features. It's genlockable and fully rackable, with on-board recording capability without the need for an external EVS or similar. It will simultaneously provide a live 1080p feed on one output whilst delivering a high frame rate replay on the other.

It's small and light enough (2.1kg) to mount on lightweight cranes, rail cams and remote heads and will fit into small spaces. Racking is performed from the supplied OCP panel, and record/ replay controls from the supplied Replay Control Panel.

It can be supplied with one of our wide range of standard (Sony B4-mount) lenses.


Sensor2/3″ CMOS
ShutterGlobal (1/25-1/10000s)
Video output2x Live and 2x Replay
Frame rateup to 350 FPS
SensitivityISO 640 ASA
Temperature-20°C to 50°C
Weight 2100g