Corporate events, videos, adverts and product launches are key to the ability of many businesses to get core messages to key stakeholders. Camera Corps is able to support corporate clients in capturing their events and providing an ability to stream live content such as AGMs, product launches and communications.

Capturing the substance of this wide spectrum of business video needs is challenging but key; Camera Corps is uniquely positioned to support agencies, production companies and other third party suppliers in order to help bring their vision a reality with a diverse range of facilities and expertise.

Camera Corps has developed a unique level of industry-leading specialist camera equipment to suit any corporate event or location requirement, including custom camera integrations, an extensive inventory of remote heads, tracking systems, fibre transmission systems and specialist camera systems.

The unrivalled reputation Camera Corps has built for delivering exactly what is needed, on time, every time.

Companies look to film as the primary media for a wide and expanding range of communications. These may include anything from shareholder meetings, presentations and press events; to product launches, explainers, safety films and interviews or testimonials. Locations may also be diverse; from outdoors to offices and factories to homes.

Recent corporate credits include:

Red Bull

Recent system innovations and
specialist camera inventory includes:

P50 and Robotic Heads
Camera Tracks
Mini Cameras

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205 Remote Head


HD Mini Zoom

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