XHR Remote Head

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The ‘XHR’ (eXtra high resolution) pan and tilt head is a Camera Corps designed head, and uses high resolution data systems to give compatibility with modern virtual sets.

It’s suitable for use with virtually all handheld or compact cameras including the current UHD models from Sony or Panasonic.

Powerful motors and a very rigid construction allows for use outdoors, even in inclement weather.

The XHR design of head can fulfil requirements of today's virtual background sets, and to take the newest generation of UHD cameras.

It can provide overhead overage looking vertically downwards with 'on-axis' pan operation. When covers are fitted to the cable entries, the head is fully waterproof so requires no covers when used outside. The head has pan slip-rings with a 3G Triax slip ring incorporated which can be cabled for either Triax or coax HD-SDI.

Pan end-stops can be set when using the fibre cameras, or disabled when used for continuous rotations with triax or coax cameras. Both handheld and 'mini' cameras can be used on the head.

When controlled from the Camera Corps PTZF panel, the head provides excellent performance with a range of very slow to very high speed movement.

Rigging is simplified with the head only requiring a single cable for both power and control in addition to the camera cable.