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The Simply SMPTE HD interface allows you to send HD-SDI, genlock, Camera Corps audio data and 240v mains power via a single SMPTE hybrid camera fibre.

Reliable and convenient single cable option for operating virtually all of our remote head products.

The base end takes AC power at 110v or 240v, and analogue genlock video signal and audio data, which has a loop through connector. It also provides 2x SDI outputs from the remote camera. The remote end box takes SDI in from the camera and provides genlock audio data AC power and 2x 12 Volt DC output for auxiliary equipment.

Distance of operation is typically 8km for a Q-Ball; and many of our large remote heads and box cameras will operate over at least 5km.


SMPTE Base End Box Specifications
Video Ouputs2 x SD/HD SDI
Video Inputs1 x Analogue genlock (Composite or Tri-level)
Data Input1 x Audio data (600 term switch provided)
Data Output1 x Audio data loop through connector
Power110v / 230v switchable
SMPTE Remote End Box Specifications
Video Input1 x SD/HD SDI
Video OutputRe-clocked input signal SD/HD SDI
Data OutputAudio data
PowerOutput AC: 110 / 230v (voltage dependent on cable length and power consumption).
Output DC: 2 x 12v on XLR4’s (total power available 60 watts).


iDocument: SMPTE_Boxes