Simply SMPTE 4K Max

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The Simply SMPTE 4K Max allows you to use a single SMPTE 311M hybrid cable to send all of your signals (in both directions) for a camera and remote head. Unique to Camera Corps, this includes 450w of mains power and 70w at 12v DC.

It greatly speeds up and simplifies rigging time and is capable of operating over considerable distance.

This latest enhancement to the Simply SMPTE range offers un-paralleled flexibility in terms of data, audio & video compatibility, combined with high power capability to provide the ultimate solution for ease of connecting robotic head cameras via a single SMPTE camera cable that can be in excess of 3km in length, depending on the power requirements at the remote end.

Capable of providing 70W of 12VDC power and up to 450W of AC mains to the remote system, the power is fully transformer isolated, fused & safety inter-locked. High power will only be supplied to the remote following recognition of a unique digital code from the remote and constant monitoring provides instant disconnection should the cable become damaged or disconnected.

Video connectivity is provided for five x 3G-SDI signals from the remote to the base. One 3G-SDI video circuit from the base to the remote is provided for a return viewfinder feed, along with an analogue video circuit for providing a genlock reference to the camera.

Control data signals in every common format are provided for with links for Gigabit Ethernet, bi-directional RS422 & RS232, as well as two independent circuits for Camera Corps audio data and dual bi-directional GPI circuits for tallies or signalling. To complete the package, a full bandwidth bi-directional stereo audio circuit is provided for talkback or audio signals.

Technical Specifcations


Configuration                                    5 x 3G-SDI remote to base, 1 x 3G-SDI base to remote

Standards                                            SMPTE 424M, SMPTE 292M, SMPTE 259M, DVB-ASI

Input Equalisation                            Automatic to 100m @ 2.97 Gbps


Analogue Video (Reference)

Configuration                                    1 x Channel base to remote

Standards                                            Bi-level / Tri-Level Sync


Analogue Audio

Configuration                                1 x Bi-directional stereo audio circuit

Standards                                            Balanced audio, 20 Hz to 20 kHz +/- 0.2 dB, Max Level +6 dBu

Latency                                              < 2 uS


Audio Data

Configuration                                    2 x Channels base to remote

Standards                                            Balanced audio, Max level +18dBu



Ethernet                                             1 x Gigabit Ethernet (10/100/1000Base-T)

RS232                                                1 x Bi-directional (Max Data Rate 250kbps)

RS422                                                1 x Bi-directional (Max Data Rate 10Mbps)

GPI Configuration                             2 x Bi-directional (VOL = 0.8V max 24mA, VOH = 5.5V max)



Base AC Input                                    230VAC 50-60Hz, 600W Max

Remote AC Output                         230VAC NOM, 450W Max

Remote DC Output                         12V, 6A Max, 2x XLR4

Protection                                          AC sent on SMPTE hybrid cable is fully isolated, fused &
safety inter-locked (AC is only enabled when the correct
remote unit is connected). AC is shut off immediately if the
SMPTE hybrid cable is disconnected during use