Pico Fibre Converters

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The Pico fibre converter system will extend four channels of HD-SDI video, two pairs of RS422 / RS232 and bi-directional stereo audio over a pair of inexpensive single-mode fibres.

Originally designed to extend the signals from the Antelope Pico high framerate cameras, these flexible converters are fitted with a variety of I/O which enables them to work with other broadcast cameras just as easily.

These converters use standard dual LC single mode fibre connections to allow the system to easily interface with most telecom & broadcast fibre circuits. Local mains or 12V DC power is required to power the remote end, where up to four 3G-SDI signals can be connected to fibre transmitter.

For control data, two pairs of bi-directional RS422 & RS232 are provided, as well as two bi-directional stereo audio circuits for Camera Corps audio data or talkback. Dual bi-directional GPI circuits for tallies complete this flexible little package.