Hotshot Remote Head

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The Hotshot is one of our larger pan and tilt heads.

Despite it’s compact size and sub 20kg weight, it has a maximum payload of 25kg, giving it the capacity to take virtually any modern handheld UHD broadcast or digital cinematography camera with a substantial lens fitted.

The Hotshot is unique in our product range. It's both a full-spec remote head which can be controlled via one of our PTZF panels from far away; and a high-performance manual pan and tilt head which can be manually operated with a conventional pan-bar by a local operator. You can choose manual or remote operation in an instant with no configuration changes required.

In remote operation mode, it's capable of 360° control of pan and tilt, in speeds ranging from 2.7 seconds to 17 minuutes for a full revolution.

Triax Slip Rings are fitted to the ban section of the Hotshot, which allows cable free movement of the head. The tilt section is fitted with fully adjustable limit switches that prevent the camera cables from snagging.

Up to 8 remote heads of different types can be operated from just one Camera Corps PTZF panel. Camera control functions and PTZF data are sent via a standard 3-pin XLR cable.

Up to 96 cameras and remote heads (of various types) can be controlled via on joystick with the addition of our Multi Camera Control System.


Load5kg / 11lb
Height13cm / 5”
Width10cm / 4”
Depth10cm / 4”
Weight3kg / 6.7lb
Minimum Speed360° – 17 mins
Maximum Speed360° – 3.5 seconds
Slip Rings18
Voltage12v DC
Control SystemJoystick or Pan Bar