HD Mini Zoom

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The Camera Corps HD Minizoom is quite simply the smallest broadcast quality HD camera system that incorporates a built-in 10x zoom lens with full remote control of zoom, focus and CCU functions, providing a creative solution for obtaining different shot angles in restricted locations.

Measuring just 96 x 49 x 45 mm this robust mini camera is mounted in an environmental housing and with just 6-12v power the camera will operate in full auto mode with the lens in wide-angle to produce a Y, Pr, Pb output on the single 6 pin connector.

The full potential of the camera is realised when connected to its small interface box which provides 2 x HD-SDI outputs and all the necessary data decoding to allow manual zoom, focus and iris operation from a small local control panel. A full remote CCU panel is also available.

The interface box requires 9 - 36v DC and data on an XLR3 connector. Three HD-SDI outputs are provided. The cable length from camera to interface can be from 3m to 30m (longer to special order).

Full control of the camera is possible via our RCP Panel, allowing complete control of up to 6 cameras. Where a remote head is also required, the RCP Panel is used in conjunction with Camera Corps’ smooth and accurate Joystick Control.

Up to 8 remote heads of different types can be operated from one Joystick Control. Camera functions and PTZF data are sent via a standard 3-pin XLR cable.

Up to 96 cameras and remote heads (of various types) can be controlled via one Joystick with the addition of our Multi Camera Control System.

We have a wide range of quality lenses available - please check out our Lenses page for more information. We also stock lens adapters.

Camera Corps control system allows remote control of all Camera Corps heads and cameras, and can provide control for a number of other brand heads and cameras – contact us for more details.


Image Sensor1/3” 2 M pixel CMOS
Scan Format1080i/ 50, 59.94; 720p/59.94
720p/50 to special order
Video Outputs2x HD-SDI (via Interface box)
GenlockTri-level sync
Lens5.1-51mm (10x zoom)
Optional 0.5x or 0.7x wide angle adapter
(37mm adaptor screw)
Signal to Noise>50dB
Minimum illum.12 lux@F1.8
Power6-12V DC 3.8W approx
Dimensions (W x H x D)Camera Head: 96mm x 49mm x 45mm
Camera Control Cable LengthUp to 30 metres