Fuji UA18x7.6BERD

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The Fujinon UA14x4.5BERD is a premium performance UHD / 4K lens for the newest generation of cameras.

Equipped with a 18x zoom (and a 2x extender), it allows you to get into the middle of the action from far away. Zoomed right out, at a focal length of 7.6mm you can be in the midst of things and still catch everything that’s going on around you.

The UA14x4.5BERD is a high performance lens, constructed with the latest formulation high-refractive index, low dispersion glass to give sharp, high contrast images. Internal focusing and excellent ramping characteristics combined with reduced pumping and chromatic aberration gives your production the picture quality that you need.

  • Focal length coverage of 7.6mm to 137mm (275mm with 2x extender)
  • New design grip, with improved ergonomics
  • 16-bit high-resolution encoders for virtual studio systems
  • Compact and lightweight


Focal length4.5mm to 63mm (9mm to 127mm with 2x extender switched in)
Zoom ratio14x
Range extender2x
Maximum apertureF1.8 from 4.5mm and F2.8 at 63mm
Minimum focus distance30cm
Angular field of view93.6′ x 61.8′ at the widest to 8.7’x4.9′ fully zoomed in
Filter thread sizeM127x0.75mm
Size95mm diameter by 235mm length