Compact Rail Cam

Compact Rail Cam enables our high profile, market leading Qx Camera to be mounted onto a light weight track, balanced low to the ground, metres high or inverted and operated remotely.

  • Compatible with the existing Camera Corps Simply SMPTE boxes
  • Can be mounted a few metres high on lightweight stands or inverted overhead and mounted on a truss
  • The Mini Track uses relatively low power – enabling our SMPTE
  • 3k cable to completely power and control the system
  • Track controller unit allows a single operator to manage and operate up to 4 separate tracks by a joystick/Foot pedals
  • The foot pedals enable a single operator to have full control of the Qx Robotic head at the same time as moving the head on the track


  • Offers a speed up to 3m/s
  • Position feedback from the tracks is fed to a display on the track controller showing the position of the head on the track at all times.
  • Comprehensive pre-set positions are programmable from the controller providing presets for either just the track position, Qx PTZF position, or both together.