The world’s first miniature high framerate UHD camera for live broadcast, capable of up to 240fps in UHD and 480FPS in 1080p.The Clarity is small enough and light enough to be your solution for your HFR POV applications.

Unique to Camera Corps, the Clarity is the world's first miniature high framerate UHD camera for live broadcast.

The Clarity camera system is capable of up to 4x framerate in 2160p and up to 8x in 1080p, and provides clean, low noise pictures all the way through it's speed range.

It's lightweight and compact - the camera body is only 120mm x 65mm x 25mm.

Naturally it's genlockable and fully rackable via the supplied control panel. Recording of it's high-speed output is via your existing EVS, VBox or Slowmo servers.

A range of lenses are available.


HD HFR from 2x to 8x speeds in 50Hz or 60Hz – plus HD Live output

4K HFR up to 4x UHD in 50 Hz or 60 Hz

1080p processing for superior quality, capable of all video formats – 1080p, 1080i and 720p

Real time camera processor for interface into an EVS, Vbox and Slomo TV servers for live replay

Positive lock lens mount with lens control of focus, iris, stabilization and zoom motors

Fibre optic connectivity for remote use in any type of camera application