Camera Corps PTZF Panel

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The Camera Corps PTZF panel is a robust and ergonomic control solution for robotic cameras and heads.

It was designed from the ground up for our Q-series PTZF cameras, but is equally at home with all of the Camera Corps branded robotic heads, and many others from other manufacturers.

Each panel, by itself, can control eight robotic cameras/ heads. With the addition of our MultiCam add-on panel, up to 96 cameras can be controlled by one operator in one location.

In a substantial CNC machined aluminium housing, the PTZF cuts no corners in build quality or capability.

The user controls are built to last - an industrial, hall-effect joystick and custom machined zoom rocker and focus wheel are the main user interaction points.

Comprehensive menu controls offer different mode settings for different cameras, and operators may save their own setups - ideal for a shift system where one position is crewed by different operators over the course of a show.


Power110v – 240v 50/60Hz    12 watts
Data SystemAudio sine wave tone system nominal 1v pk to pk. ±6db minimum tolerance
Data ResolutionLow res: 9 bit =256 speeds each direction
High res: 11 bit -2048 speeds each direction
Data Inputs1 Standard 3 pin XLR (From RCP)
Data Outputs2x 3 pin XLR separately adjustable output level
Data Baud Rates1200, 2400, 4800
Pre-set memories18     (dependent on head type)
Channels8 heads
DimensionsWidth 411mm, Depth 325mm, Height 75mm