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Welcome to the future of baseball broadcasting with Camera Corps’ groundbreaking Basecam. Approved by the Major Baseball League (MBA), the Basecam is an innovative, fully integrated broadcast specialized action camera that takes you closer to the heart of the game.

The Basecam is a revolutionary multi-camera system embedded within the base itself. Designed in collaboration with Warner Bros Discovery and base manufacturer Rawlings, the Basecam captures live streams from the base infield, providing unparalleled perspectives of fielders and batters in crystal-clear high definition.

Key Features
• Multi-Camera System: Experience the action like never before with cutting-edge muti-cameras built into the base, delivering full broadcast HD quality.

• RF Connectivity: Enjoy seamless live streaming with remote management capabilities, setting a new standard for baseball live broadcasts.

• Health and Safety Compliance: Player safety is paramount. The Basecam undergoes rigorous shock resistance testing, ensuring a secure and reliable viewing experience.

The Basecam is available for rental, with comprehensive support from Camera Corps. Elevate your baseball broadcasts and engage your audience like never before.

Contact Camera Corps today to learn more about the Basecam and our range of specialized camera solutions.