World’s first modular robotic dolly system

AGITO is the world’s first modular robotic dolly system, offering multiple wire-free configurations to suit your filming needs; it’s a Swiss Army knife for broadcasters.

As a free roaming dolly system, the Agito can create smooth camera movements up to two metres in height. This single system mimics the movement of many types of equipment including jibs, dolly and Tracks, but the AGITO is faster, more accurate and repeatable.

Minimal setup time and compact form factor reduce production costs, making the AGITO the most affordable way to capture cinematic movement. Camera Corps can provide a fully licensable RF system to ensure safe and reliable control of dolly and head in a live production or sporting environment.


Speeds from 5mm/sec to 35mph
Can be combined with a wide range of remote and stabilised camera heads
Will adjust to any existing track gauge between 300mm to 400mm
Precise repeatable movements through the Master Controller
Usable on straight or curved track, minimum curve radius 2m
Different types of wheels allow use on almost any kind of surface

Watch In Action: Agito