Rail Cam for sports


Unleashing Creativity: Specialist Camera Rental for Unique Sports Shots

In the fast-paced world of live sports, entertainment, and corporate events, capturing unique and compelling content is essential. Whether it’s the thrill of high-speed winter sports, the elegance of equestrian events, or the intensity of a football match, Camera Corps stands at the forefront of specialist camera rental. As professionals serving professionals, they offer an impressive range of cutting-edge camera equipment  and accessories designed to elevate visual storytelling.

The Art of Differentiation

In an era where content saturation is the norm, standing out becomes a strategic imperative. Camera Corps understands this well. Their mission? To empower clients with the tools needed to differentiate themselves in a crowded media landscape. Here’s how they do it:

  1. Tailored Solutions for Every Scenario
  • Aquatics Cameras: From synchronized swimming to diving competitions, capturing aquatic sports demands precision. Camera Corps provides underwater cameras that seamlessly integrate with the action, delivering breathtaking shots from below the surface.
  • Track Side Cameras on Rails: For track and field events, these cameras glide along rails, keeping pace with sprinters and long-distance runners. The result? Dynamic footage that puts viewers right in the heart of the race.
  • Remote Head Ends: When flexibility is key, intelligent remote-controlled camera heads come into play. Mounted in stadiums or track side, but also on cranes or poles, they allow operators to pan, tilt, and zoom from a distance, capturing those elusive moments that make live sports unforgettable.
  • Mini Cams in the Field: Whether it’s a stump cam in cricket or a base cam in baseball, these discreet mini cameras provide unique angles. Imagine seeing the game from the perspective of the player, it’s a compelling and captivating footage.
  • Goal Cameras: Ever wondered what it’s like to be inside a football goal? Camera Corps has you covered. Their goal cameras capture the tension, the dives, and the celebrations—all from the net’s point of view.
  1. High-Adrenaline Sports, Superbly Captured
  • Winter Sports: The rush of downhill skiing and the precision of bobsleigh races demand equipment that can keep up. With broadcast quality live minicams and sports cams, Camera Corps delivers, ensuring every twist, turn, and jump is immortalized in high-definition clarity.
  • Equestrian Events: From dressage to show jumping, equestrian sports exude elegance. With specialized cameras, Camera Corps captures the grace of horse and rider, revealing the intricate choreography of each movement.
  • Indoor Arenas –  Athletics and Field Games: Low light, fast action—indoor sports arenas present unique challenges. Camera Corps’s cameras thrive in these conditions, delivering crystal-clear footage even during intense basketball games or gymnastics meets.
  • Outdoor Cycling: Whether it’s a major tournament with a global audience, or a local criterium, cycling races are a blur of speed and determination. Camera Corps’s cameras ride alongside or on the cyclists, capturing the sweat, the pain, and the glory.
  1. Major Sporting Events on the Horizon
  • While we can’t spill the beans on specific events due to copyright infringements and confidentially terms, rest assured that Camera Corps is gearing up for a busy year. Think major World Championships, and adrenaline-fueled showdowns. The stage is set, the cameras are poised, and the world will witness sports like never before.
  • And as we look ahead to 2024 and beyond, the excitement only grows. Keep an eye on Camera Corps—they’ll be right there, behind the lens, capturing the moments that define greatness.

In a world where production companies and broadcasters are looking for new and intuitive shots for compelling viewing,  Camera Corps is committed to the cause with their existing off the shelf live broadcast cameras for rental and specialist customized camera projects . Their commitment to innovation, reliability, and creativity ensures that every shot tells a story—one that leaves viewers breathless and hungry for more. So next time you’re watching a thrilling sports event, remember: somewhere in the background, a specialist camera is witnessing history in the making and making it available for posterity.