Multicam Keypad

The Camera Corps Multi Camera Keypad is designed to increase the number of cameras or remote heads that can be controlled from PTZF or RCP panels, up to a maximum of 96. Many makes & models of cameras and robotic heads are natively supported & can be connected in any combination.

When used in conjunction with the Camera Corps Multi Camera Combiner, the system may be further expanded to allow up to four PTZF panels and four RCP panels simultaneous control of any of the 96 cameras or remote heads using up to eight Multi Camera Keypads to provide independent camera selection for each operator.

The system seamlessly also integrates with a matrix controller to allow for automatic monitor signal routing for each operator. The matrix controller is able to control most major brands of router and individual channel associations for each camera can be set up independently on each keypad panel.

The Multi Camera Keypad, Combiner & Matrix Controller form a powerful combination that is ideally suited to control of Robotic Heads & Cameras for large scale reality TV shows. This configuration has been proven to be very cost effective as it allows the number of camera operators & vision engineers required to be kept to a minimum.

For smaller productions, Camera Corps are able to provide an Audio Data Multiplexer that allows up to three combinations of PTZF and RCP panels to be combined into a single system, such that any of the panels can control any of the cameras or remote heads connected to the system.

As an alternative to using the Multi Camera Combiner or the Audio Data Multiplexer, Camera Corps can now also offer IP based control that allows greater flexibility in the configuration of the number of panels & their physical location within the control network. Standard network switches can be used to combine the data from multiple PTZF & RCP control panels and converters are used for panels & devices that do not have built in Ethernet connectivity