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Camera Corps – Preparing for a Summer of Sports

With the kick-off of Euro 2024 this week, the pressure doesn’t just rest on the football teams to deliver spectacular performances for fans. In the backdrop, broadcast and production companies work tirelessly to bring live football action and many other sports into our living rooms, workplaces, and entertainment venues. So as we gear up for a sports-packed summer, Camera Corps proudly collaborates with its production clients behind the scenes to contribute to the success of their broadcasting goals using an advanced range of specialized sports cameras.

In the fast-paced world of sports broadcasting, remote broadcast cameras have revolutionized the industry. Camera Corps, a prominent UK-based broadcast camera rental company, has been instrumental in driving this evolution and will play a crucial role in capturing exhilarating moments during various major sporting events in 2024.

What does Camera Corps offer?

  1. Specialized Broadcast Equipment Rental Remote broadcast cameras have paved the way for specialized broadcast equipment rental services. Event organizers and broadcasters now have access to high-tech cameras, allowing them to capture every angle and play with unparalleled precision. Whether it’s the excitement of a penalty kick or the elegance of a gymnast’s routine, these cameras ensure viewers catch every moment. 

2. Tailored Cameras for Every Sport, Camera Corps excels in designing cameras customized to meet the unique requirements of different sports. Their intelligent remote heads allow remote camera operation with exceptional clarity.

For individual sports, Camera Corps provides tailored solutions such as:

  • Goal Cams: Offering soccer fans a front-row seat to the game’s pivotal moments.
  • Aquatics Cameras: Bringing aquatic sports to life with underwater cameras and rails.
  • Robotic head camera systems and Railcam tracking solutions: Ensuring flawless capture of every stride and inside and outside venues.
  • Basecam: Setting a new standard for baseball broadcasting, providing flexibility and control.
  • Stumpcams: Offering cricket enthusiasts close-up shots of the game’s intensity.
  • Beauty Cameras Systems: From close-ups to scenic views, Camera Corps delivers high-quality remote cameras placed in unique locations. Notably, a camera will be situated on the Eiffel Tower this year, offering a breathtaking backdrop of Paris as part of a major 2024 sporting event. 

3. Qx PTZF, HDR, High frame rate and UHD mincams: These have made a significant impact in the sports broadcasting world. Their compact design, high quality image capture, and easy rigging make them perfect for acquiring action-packed moments seamlessly.

Whether deployed as commentary cameras systems for football, tennis, mixed martial arts, or in a recent situation where multiple cameras are linked and controlled remotely to gain extreme shots of a mountain bike downhill competition, Camera Corps will showcase the prowess of their Qx cameras across the summer, gaining much praise for their adaptability and reliability among production crews.

 4. Fibre connectivity: Camera Corps offers a range of in-house designed SMPTE and fibre products allowing clients to connect multiple latest UHD cameras and remote heads over SMPTE or single mode fibre cable, making rigging easier and efficiently transmitting and receiving video, audio, control, and IP data within a venue, or externally across a production site.

As the summer of sports unfolds, Camera Corps remains poised to ensure viewers worldwide witness the thrill, drama, and athletic prowess like never before. From athletics to aquatics, and from football to cricket, the specialized cameras encapsulate the essence of the game. Whether you’re cheering live or watching from home, the breathtaking shots you see are a result of Camera Corps’ meticulous preparation and dedication to making sporting events truly unforgettable.

 Camera Corps—a team dedicated to making sports unforgettable.


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